Tox Confirmation for Urine & Oral Fluid


Get fast and accurate results with tox confirmation testing from Chabado Genomics.

Toxicology testing involving urine and oral fluid is often performed to check for the presence of various substances that may affect an individual’s ability to do their job or to meet the requirements of a substance abuse program.

  • Tox screenings may also be done for routine drug testing purposes
  • Testing of this nature has gained popularity because it involves an easier, gender-neutral collection method that can be as accurate as, but less invasive than, blood tests for the same substances



Preparing for Tox Confirmation Testing

Many different medications that patients may be legitimately taking for various health-related conditions can affect the results of toxicology testing of urine and oral fluid. Patients can avoid potential issues or misinterpretations of results by providing their doctor with a list of medications that have been taken within the past 3-4 days. Such a list should include:

  • Over-the-counter medications (even aspirin)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Birth control pills
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Herbal supplements

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Collecting and Submitting Samples

Oral fluid (saliva) and urine can be collected by a patient’s primary care physician (PCP). Samples may also be collected by an employer-preferred physician or by a qualified health professional at a drug treatment program where such samples are routinely required. Samples taken for the purpose of drug screening may need to be observed by another individual of the same sex to ensure the validity of the sample. Collected samples are sent to our lab in properly sealed containers for analysis. Saliva is typically collected with a swab that is also sealed in an appropriate container that comes with the swab. Another option for saliva collection is to spit into a tube.

Quantitative Tox Confirmation Testing

Toxicology testing for urine and oral fluid is often a qualitative test. This means the test will only show what drugs are in your body, not the specific levels of those drugs, which is why it is important for doctors to know what patients are taking, so those specific drugs won’t be considered when results are reviewed. Follow-up testing can be done to identify levels of all substances in a sample. Testing that shows levels may also be done to confirm the initial results of the first test.

How Urine/Oral Fluid Samples Are Tested

We use liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology at our lab to analyze samples and confirm results. It’s a process designed to speed up the delivery of results of tox confirmations for urine and oral fluid and similar tests while maintaining high quality standards. In some cases, LC-MS/MS may produce more structural information and further improve the accuracy of results.

Chabado Genomics presents results for testing for toxicology confirmation for urine and oral fluid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Such tests are considered highly precise and can detect drugs that were used within a day of when the urine or oral fluid sample was collected. Regardless of the reason for a tox confirmation test, we provide prompt, easily accessible results and attention to every detail that matters to our clients.