Urogenital Health Testing


Get fast and accurate results with urogenital health testing from Chabado Genomics.

Many conditions and infections can affect the urogenital (genitourinary) system. In some cases, different pathogens (microorganisms) can present similar symptoms and it can be difficult to determine the true source of an infection affecting the urinary and reproductive system. Other times, infections that may affect the urogenital system present little or no symptoms, making diagnosis difficult without further testing.

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Reasons for Urogenital Health Testing

Urogenital health testing may be done on samples/specimens collected from both males and females. Testing of this nature is often ordered when a patient is exhibiting symptoms of a chronic infection of the urogenital organs. Tests may also be ordered if a patient has a suspected sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Accurate results are needed with STDs to determine the antibiotic medicine that will likely resolve the infection. Testing is sometimes ordered to identify or monitor urinary tract infections (UTIs). Urogenital health testing may also be performed for the following reasons:

  • Suspected infection of the genital tract
  • Identification of a suspected STD that has little or no clear symptoms
  • Recurring chronic infections that aren’t responding well to antibiotics currently being taken
  • Suspected kidney infection

Sample Collection

Collection may be done with a genital swab or the collection of urine, cervical, or vaginal specimens. The swab or urine specimen to be sent for testing is often collected with a multi-collect STD collection kit. It’s a multi-use kit specifically designed for the safe collection and transportation of swab and urine specimens collected from either male or female patients. The kit includes sterile swabs and a container for the collection of urine specimens. Collection may also be done with a standard 8-test panel to check for the most-common STDs.

Specimen Evaluation

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing is commonly used on urine or genital samples to reproduce, or amplify, specific sections of DNA or RNA. After PCR amplification is complete, results are compared to a known source for identification. Testing procedures like this may be conducted to identify several pathogens simultaneously.

Simultaneous testing is beneficial if there are multiple possible sources of a patient’s symptoms, as may be the case if there is no significant medical history to determine where to focus. A swab for a vaginitis test, for instance, would be more expansive since there could be several possible sources of the presented infection. Testing may also involve or include:

  • Genital (bacterial) cultures
  • Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) on viral or bacterial swabs
  • Gonococcal DNA detection
  • Chlamydia DNA detection or chlamydia isolation
  • Urine sample testing to look for white blood cells and bacteria

Physicians and patients will receive the answers they need with urogenital health testing from Chabado Genomics. We have the capability to conduct an assortment of tests on urine and genital samples to identify pathogens. Clear, concise results will be presented in an easily digestible and accessible report that identifies infections and other irregularities so that treatment efforts can be more effective.